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The non-consultant consultants

A recent article by the Economist has ChasmBridge elated! The article outlines all the not-so-nice characteristics of many consulting firms. It outlines everything our founders set out to overcome in the consulting world.

Before you go on, take a moment to read the full article at the Economist.

WOW, right? Makes you never want to hire a consultant again right? Ok so let me explain why we call ourselves the non-consultant consultants...

This is EXACTLY why ChasmBridge was formed. Our owners and advisors have ALL hired consultants with mixed results - some good and unfortunately some with really dismal results. We came together to be the non-consultant consultants (at least by this articles standards).

We came to market to:

1. 🎣 Never bait & switch. Every client has a senior advisor at every meeting and doing the work. PERIOD.

2. 🌌🌝 The "Discovery" phase that takes too long. There is no advisor at ChasmBridge that hasn't been in a c-suite or VP level position on the "corporate" side. We quite literally have worked the work at every level, so we've been there and done that. We don't need long discovery periods. PERIOD.

3. ⏰ 📕 Never "land and expand" or what we call - the never-ending story. We commit from the beginning to give tangible results within the first 30 days. PERIOD.

4. 💰 Never "Big recommendations = big money" 💰. We're not in the business of just recommending. Most businesses already have a great strategy. They need more efficient implementation that garners bigger results. We're in the business of helping clients execute. So, you will see the fruits of our labor implemented in your business. PERIOD.

5. 😡 "Take none of the blame". Since we're in the business of execution alongside recommendation we can't hide. We're right there with you. PERIOD.

And 2 more pain-points we wanted to overcome with ChasmBridge that aren't mentioned in the article.

6. 💀 "A good consultant walks away from a meeting with zero action items". Nope. Nope. Nope. We're here to get the work done. PERIOD.

7. 🦠 "The report collecting dust on my shelf". Nope. Nope. Nope. We're here to get the work done that's outlined in the report. PERIOD.

Did I mention we LOVE getting the work done for our clients. Results. That's what matters. PERIOD.

Ok rant over. We're going back to helping customers execute. 😃

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