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September Event: Top of the Bridge Series

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We invite you to join us for our exclusive "Top of the Bridge" series, where we combine thought leaders across multiple disciplines considering multilayered challenges affecting business today & how to solve them, so your business stays on "top of the bridge" as a leader.

Our September Series discusses topics relevant to CEO's, CIO's, Chief People Officers and business leaders.

Technology is moving faster than ever before. Cyber Security & AI are top of mind as the next major area to advance. A great CIO is evaluating and changing a technology roadmap every year. Meanwhile, it takes two years to change corporate behaviors and culture. Whoa! Join our technology experts James Morrison & Pi Prakash and culture expert Frank Larkey as they unpack technology adoption with the reality of peoples behaviors and how you can navigate your business through this chasm conundrum.

Event Details

Location: Hearsay On The Green 1515 Dallas St. Houston, Texas 77010

Date: Tuesday September 26, 2023

Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Details: Drinks & Light Bites Provided


45 Min Networking Session

45 Min Top of the Bridge Series Presentation

Remaining time for Networking



Frank Larkey

Owner LOCI International - Cultural & Developmental Psychologist & Senior Cultural Architect

Frank is an innovative, strategic thinker who takes an entrepreneurial approach to designing and engineering successful organizational, cultural change initiatives centered on moral development. He utilizes his expertise in executive leadership, team coaching and methodological design to collaborate with leaders in driving new and desired organizational cultural values, beliefs, assumptions and behaviors to directly support strategic goals. As a developmental psychologist specializing in culture and moral development, Dr. Larkey has provided consulting and collaborative cultural and leadership services and analysis in a wide variety of business and non-profit organizational settings. His extensive engagement with executive teams enables him to team effectively in the energizing of cultural change, cross-cultural performance, merger and acquisition analysis, top level succession planning and organizational specific leadership development programs. With over twenty five years of entrepreneurial and consulting experience he is able to bring envisioning-creative and enabling-results orientations to his work. Frank is the President of LOCI International and managing director of Endeavor Thailand.

James Morrison

Retired FBI Cyber Security, CISSP, MBA, Veteran

James Morrison joined Intelisys in May 2022 as their National Cyber Security Specialist after working as a Chief Information Security Officer and Distinguished Technologist - Cyber Security at Ntirety and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Prior to working at HPE, James spent 22 years with the FBI as a Senior Computer Scientist, focused on cyber security. He worked on numerous national security and criminal intrusion investigations, as an active Cyber Security Expert, identifying security vulnerabilities and implementing solutions. He was a Regional Program Manager for the FBI Computer Science program and Adjunct Faculty Member for the FBI, teaching multiple classes at Quantico and internationally.

Prior to his career in the FBI, James was an engineer for Lockheed Martin and a System Administrator the US Air Force at Schriever AFB and Clark AB, RP.

James lives in Houston with his wife Angi and their furry companions.

Piyush "Pi" Prakash

CEO Fleato, Web 3.0. Blockchain, AI Degreed, MBA

Piyush "Pi" Prakash is a dynamic technology leader, currently spearheading two ventures as Founder & CEO of, where he's redefining eCommerce for the Web 3.0 era, and as Co-founder & CTO of Paleo Car Care, a platform for on-demand automotive services.

With a rich history of driving innovation, Piyush has previously served as the Chief Technology Officer at EnergyFunders and as the Founder & CEO of Field Genie Inc, focusing on IoT, Big Data, and AI solutions.

His expertise spans Web 3.0, blockchain, and e-commerce, and he's renowned for his collaborative leadership style. Piyush excels at leading global, cross-functional teams and working closely with customers and partners worldwide.

Connect with Piyush to explore potential collaborations and discover how he can leverage his extensive experience to drive technological transformation and innovation in your projects and initiatives.

Join our speakers and reserve your seat today!


Our Event Sponsor

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ChasmBridge has a mission to help business bridge the gap between strategy and execution by taking a multi-function approach to solving challenges, considering how each challenge and solution affects your entire business and your customers experience.

Our "Top of the Bridge" Series aligns with our mission by uncovering and solving complex challenges facing business today by bringing together experts from varying fields to tackle challenges in harmony so that your entire business is taken into consideration.

We hope to see you at our next event!

To receive notifications about our next Top of the Bridge Event please register here.

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