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M&A Advisory Services

Helping clients execute and maximize M&A activity

Our M&A Advisory Services are tailored to support private equity firms, owners, CEO's and individual investors evaluate, prepare and execute M&A strategies across diverse industries and markets.

We specialize in industrial markets and capital equipment with aftermarket parts and services. Our advisors each have over 30 years of experience in industrial spaces both within corporate and advisory positions. Our unique understanding of capital equipment and vast network allows us to execute efficiently with larger returns than those firms supporting a general industries. 

With ChasmBridge, you have a senior advisor on your team and executing the project. Allow us to show you how we ensure your M&A strategy is executed and fully supported with the most profitable outcomes.

Why Choose ChasmBridge


Wide network of global equipment suppliers for potential investment & business support


30+ years of deep knowledge of global capital equipment market


Leverage manufacturing & field operation expertise to continually reduce TCO


Wide M&A network for funding & project financing


Leverage our expertise in aftermarket parts & services to drive growth & profitability 

Our Offering

ChasmBridge's team of "BridgeBuilder" business management consultants comprises industry veterans with extensive experience in corporate environments. We embed ourselves in your business, working alongside your team to achieve tangible results. 

We offer expertise in four primary areas:

Business Preparedness & Assessment 

Maximizing valuation multiples through strategic readiness. Our approach includes analyzing your current business state and identifying areas for improvement to enhance valuation multiples.

Independent Assessment Report

Recommendations & Roadmap

Maximizing the Sales Price

Coaching the Founder/Owners

M&A Bolt-ons / Additions

Optional Implementation Services

Targeting & Evaluation

Working in partnership with you to target the right opportunities for your strategy. Our 30+ year knowledge of the capital equipment markets allows us to understand the business model, language, current strength and future growth potential. Allowing you to make sound decisions around current value and potential return.  

Deep multimarket expertise


Business models

Advisory support

Investment opportunities

Early Engagement & Due Diligence

In-depth analysis to support decision-making in the capital equipment space. We evaluate market dynamics, customer trends, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities to inform strategic decisions.

Comprehensive Analysis

People, Processes, Customer, Technologies

Valuation & Synergies

Risks and Mitigations

Integration Project Planning and Execution

Seamless integration to realize synergy-driven value creation. We develop detailed integration plans, focusing on quick wins and sustainable long-term success, and execute them efficiently to drive results.

Integration Due Diligence

Delivery of synergies

Organizational Assessment


Technologies & Systems

Cultural Fit and Clashes

Risk Management

Performance Metrics

Optional Implementation

Markets We Serve

Image by Lalit Kumar
Food & Beverage
Image by Peter Herrmann
General Industries
Image by NASA
Image by Viktor Kiryanov
Power Generation
Image by Hannes Richter
Image by Yang Liu

Our Process

Our Boutique Business Allows for Tailored Solutions Rooted In Proven Process



ChasmFinder. Our approach starts with a comprehensive assessment of your goals to understand your expected results. Our experts uncover the deep divide between your strategy and success.



With measurable results, we keep an eye on your strategy implementation, help you adapt and execute with wins along the way.



Once we understand your chasm, we employ the BridgeBuilder which defines how you get to where you want to go with emphasis on delivering quick wins while building long term success.

Meet Our Senior Advisors

Each client team includes at least one Senior Advisor, to drive strategy and execution with an eye on results; a project manager, focused on keeping you informed and a timely project; and supporting advisors as the project dictates.

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