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Jackie featured on Empowering Women Podcast

Topic: Elevating YOUR Customer Experience

Jackie has mastered the way a company can maximize share of wallet by intentionally designing a seamless customer experience with a lifecycle that ensures your customers come back over and over. In her recent podcast with Empowering Women - she discusses her approach while also demonstrating how taking a similar approach to your own personal brand.

She also discusses her unique hiring practices that she calls "hiring blind" which have helped build the extremely diverse teams that deliver huge impact to the companies she's supported.


“You need to be intentional about how others experience you.”

“Find your voice and find your voice early. Don’t be afraid of it.”

“So many people sit and wait for the opportunity to come to them. Just doing your job isn’t the only way to make that happen.”

What does a good customer experience look like?  Combination of the transactional customer experience and the lifecycle experience (considering all those touch points in between). 

“Elevating what you’re delivering from the person’s expectations of you.”

What should we avoid when we’re trying to create positive customer experiences? “Not doing what you say you’re going to do.”

Customer Journey Mapping - Key questions to think about:

(1)   What is the customer going through when they need a product like ours?

(2)   What are the touch points that us, as a company, is giving that person as they are trying to understand our product or evaluating our competitor’s product?

(3)   What digital tools are we using to communicate along that way?

On Blind Hiring: “Allowed me to understand the content of their (candidates) character and the capabilities as it relates to the role.”

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