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It's all about Culture "? or ." ?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Company culture affects everything.
Companies Culture

It’s all about Culture…or is it?

I have an ongoing discussion and debate with a good friend, Frank Larkey, on how to get business results – relatively fast.

Frank promotes the idea that unless you address the unique cultural issues and norms within the organization, the business results may lag. (Culture eats strategy.)

His point is: if a solution exists for say On Time Delivery (OTD) without breaking the bank with inventory, but through the implementation of lean, operational excellence, Sales & Operations planning etc, etc, etc….

…then why aren’t all competitors successfully implementing that solution to deliver OTD to their customers?

His answer – “it’s the culture Bill! It’s all about culture!” (I’m chuckling now…)

Culture is two sides of the same coin:

1. How things get done – e.g. decision making, utilization of technologies, engaging customers, operational excellence, and more…

2. How people are treated – e.g. integrity, accountability, learning & development, DEIB, engagement, communication & collaboration, and more…

Frank’s point is well taken – because each business/organization does have a unique ‘cultural fingerprint’ even if companies operate in the same market space selling similar products/services.

The uniqueness of the culture must be acknowledged and even honored before taking on the changes needed to adapt and achieve the next level of success whether implementing a new growth strategy or integrating a new acquisition into the existing business.

I think you can agree - in the end it’s committed people aligned and executing together that creates meaningful success, happiness, notoriety, and financial rewards.

…and now in the distance, I can faintly hear Frank saying “it’s all about culture Bill!”

What’s your take on Culture and achieving success in your organization?

Go build a bridge!

Bill Tipton

CEO & BridgeBuilder

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