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M&A Offerings

Helping prepare, evaluate, and launch M&A strategies

ChasmBridge is a business management firm specializing in industrial sectors. We challenge the norms of traditional practices and are in the business of strategy and execution support—never leaving you with a dust collecting report. Through our proven process, we find quick wins and provide long term value in every project we embrace. Through our three primary practices and team of advisors, we commit to always taking a lead role in your project.

ChasmBridge has operational experience in private equity, strategics and supporting owners/founders in these transactions. We address your specific pain points and understand what it takes to be successful. We know how to help you because we’ve been there and have a proven track record of delivering for our clients when it mattered the most.

With more than 100 collective years of expertise in assessment, planning, and execution, we know what a PE firm wants and needs when buying a founder’s business. And we have the specialized experience and knowledge to get you there. We are also well positioned on the strategies and skills required to support the actions needed to maximize the sales price for sellers.

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Our Services

The team at ChasmBridge provides advisory services that bring unique industry experience, knowledge, and insights to target and secure M&A investments. We help PE firms unfamiliar with the niches and nuances of the pump, flow control and industrial spaces to find investments that support their investment thesis. We have experience in interim CEO / MD, CMO & CHRO roles to support transitions.

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Why ChasmBridge

Our Track Record

ChasmBridge has significant portfolio analysis experience with a tremendous track record for improving the bottom line. We know how to get results for growing businesses.


With deep industry, product/market and competitor knowledge ChasmBridge provides 125+ cumulative years of success analyzing, planning, and integrating or divesting global businesses. In addition, we can help you fill interim President/CEO, CMO and CHRO roles to support transitions and eliminate post-acquisition waste.

Due Diligence & Synergy Modeling

With more than 10 years at The Weir Group in the Pressure Control Sector, our team built the Oil & Gas Division to nearly $5 billion in revenue with an emphasis in pressure pumping - frac pump, treating iron and accessories, pressure control - wellhead, frac stacks, flowback, and rental equipment for drilling & completions.


This experience includes strategic analysis – customer, competitor, technology and market trends with $3+B invested.





Integration Planning & Fulfillment

With the Weir Group Oil & Gas Division, we boast more than $2B invested in the pressure control space – SPM, Seaboard and Mathena. 

We have planned and led multifunction integration teams to deliver post-acquisition integration activities and deliverables for our clients. 

We helped privately-held companies to operate in a publicly-listed environment while filling Interim President, CMO and CHRO roles for various clients.



Our team has 10+ years in the pressure control space with Weir Oil & Gas, which includes more than 30 integrations in the flow control space at Vortex, Sulzer, Flowserve, Weir Group, SPX & Stancor, Trillium, Applied Felts, MaxLiner


We have delivered successfully on global integration activities: Talent, Brand, Growth, Technologies, and Synergies with roles held at all levels in organizations from Director to CEO


Share price increased from $12 to over $100 post IDP acquisition at Flowserve.

By the Numbers

New Frac Pump - $100M in year 1 sales – achieved #1 brand position.


Wellhead Field Operations – cut over $5m in waste with new talent, process improvements in less than 9 months.


Grew and sold high margin pump and controls business to PE firm with modest multiple gain.


Positioned niche pump business to be sold at over $1B (11 mult.).


Sale of water & wastewater firm to PE for 12 multiples.

More Proof of Success

  • We have achieved $4-5B in investments in the energy and flow control sectors in the past 25+ years (inflation not included).

  • Our clients include global businesses with various product/market combinations with a variety of cultures/languages that have been integrated successfully.

  • We’ve delt with the painful facility closures and product/contract transfers to receiving facilities.

  • We have led owner, leader, and other personnel compensation and transitional agreements.

  • ChasmBridge has an excellent track record growing acquired businesses (top and bottom line).


Our Process

How it Works


Pre-Assessment Planning

  • Define context, goals, objectives

  • Understand the issues and needs

  • Gather information for analysis

  • Onsite Interviewers gather intel

  • Evaluators – crunch the data

  • Schedule the visits


Data Analysis

  • Detailed trend analysis

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • Actions for EBITDA growth

  • Actions for improving FCF

  • Debt restructuring assessment

  • Analysis and opportunities for enhancement


Operational Assessment

  • Conduct structured interviews

  • All functions/locations viewpoints

  • Agreements, systems, comp

  • Professionalism Assessmen

  • Develop SWOT Analysis



Market & Industry Analysis

  • Analyze competitive landscape

  • Identify trends & dynamics

  • Outline impacts to client’s future prospects

  • Connectedness of sales and marketing efforts

  • Satisfaction of Sales teams & Distributors

  • GTM strategy review

  • Develop SWOT Analysis


Risk Assessment


  • Identify operational, financial, people, technology and market risks

  • Build risk matrix with mitigation actions (before / after)


Recommendation & Roadmap



Clear actions for…

  • EBITDA growth

  • Valuation increase

  • Debt restructuring

  • Outline the provisional tactics, timing & accountabilities



Written Report & Presentation

  • Comprehensive report with detailed findings and recommendations

  • Presentation to client with detailed discussions

  • Address directly their issues and needs from pre-assessment calls

  • Address questions and concerns

  • Discuss implementation & support


Implementation Support

  • Support implementation on key project areas to support fulfillment of agreed scope

  • Project planning with tactics, timelines and accountabilities

  • Find and deliver quick wins

  • Track and report metrics


Add Ons

  • Analyze each key revenue stream against peer group (Margin analysis, competitive positioning, growth trajectory, strategic rationale)

  • Report & presentation with actionable recommendations

  • Create opportunity to adjust pricing & operational strategies

  • Buyer due diligence for seller’s benefit

  • Financial, Product/Markets, People, Processes, Technologies & Cultural fit

  • Coaching to support the transition and change of ownership journey

  • Support and conflict management counsel that goes beyond the work to sell

Meet the Team

Our ChasmBridge team has more than 100 cumulative years of experience in the global industrial, energy, pump and flow control space. Product specialties include pumps, seals, valves, other rotating equipment, filters, and associated accessories and services. Within the energy sector, our experts specialize in pressure pumping, treating iron, wellheads, frac stacks, and other pressure control valves equipment & services.


We’ve worked with and for large multinationals pursuing targets, analyzing and developing synergy models, and then integrating successfully.

The M&A Team

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